“White chocolate” candle

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“White chocolate” candle

The white chocolate candle is our sweetest novelty. Those who like chocolate will not pass by indifferently and will definitely stay with it for a longer time. Its scent is strong but delicate. White chocolate smells of sweetness in which you would like to soak in and stay in forever. Each time you smell this candle, it smells the same, sweet, warm, and soothing. When it’s already white outside the window, the white chocolate candle is a lovely element that makes it easier for us to wait for Christmas, which is why we call it “Sweet Christmas”


How to use:

Each candle needs good lighting to get to the so-called pool. So the wax on the top must be melted and form a pool against each wall. The first burning usually takes four hours. Let it burn so that the candle can remember the first burning. Also, it will help you avoid tunnelling, which happens when the candle is burning for too short.


Fragrance notes:

Top: soun sugar, lemon zest
Mid: mascarpone cream, vanilla bean, coconut milk
Dry: white cocoa bean, vanilla custard, caramelized sugar


Here you can find our candles variety.


100% undyed soy wax
40 hours burning
150g hand-painted glass jar
Eco-friendly cotton wick covered with vegetable wax
Vegan friendly
Fragrance composition of aromatic oils that comply with IFRA



Green jar with gold lid, Black jar with rosa gold lid


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