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  • Sale! big zero waste starter set

    Big zero waste starter set

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  • Five soap pack

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  • Sale! Give me second chance soap pack
  • Goat milk set

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  • Sale! hemp washcloth with soap with soap dish
  • Sale! lavender set

    Lavender set

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  • Sale! small zero waste starter set

At Moolea, we have several sets. In fact, even a set can be a gift box if it is nicely wrapped as a gift šŸ™‚

We all like to receive gifts, so we tried to include almost every product in them when composing sets. But, of course, in some boxes, you can choose which product suits you best.

  • Big Lavender setĀ includes all our lavender products, like soap, bath salt, body scrub, facial steam and hydrosol
  • Five soap packĀ lets you choose five different or the same soaps, up to you and your liking šŸ™‚
  • Goat milk setĀ is a small set including 75g soap and bath salt
  • Zero waste starter set smallĀ is a great set when you want to start your zero waste journey and includes sever products: a wooden round soap dish, soap bag, dishwashing kitchen set, bastille soap 90g, lemon balm shampoo bar, hemp washcloth and bamboo toothbrush
  • Zero waste starter set bigĀ helps you in your zero waste journey in almost every aspect of your bathroom and kitchen! It includes twelve products: two wooden soap dishes round and rectangle, soap bag, dishwashing kitchen set, bastille soap 90g, lemon balm shampoo bar, hemp washcloth, bamboo toothbrush, Aleppo 30% soap bar, stainless steel eight piece straws, bamboo makeup remover pads, dishwashing plant based sponge and coconut fiber dish brush

We pack all sets and gift boxes in a zero-waste style.

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