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In Moolea, we offer three different liquid soaps: spicy coke liquid soap, lemon with mint liquid soap and hypoallergenic liquid soap:

  • Spicy coke liquid soap is sweet, spicy, intense, and at the same time does not contain any synthetic notes
  • Lemon with mind liquid soap the refreshing scent of lemon, mint and citronella makes each handwashing with its use a pleasant, mood-enhancing ritual
  • Hypoallergenic liquid soap cleans effectively but gently and contains only the necessary base ingredients, making it suitable for the daily care of sensitive skin. Children can also use it

Liquid soaps are naturally another cosmetic products that every natural product lover should try.
The process of creating liquid soap looks a bit different from making soap in a bar.

Working on liquid soap is a bit of a chemist game – you have to be focused, keep an eye on the order of adding the following ingredients, and you can’t forget about the temperature of each
of them. But, if everything goes as it should – you manage to obtain the optimal consistency of the product.

Glycerin, which is the base of the soap, naturally moisturizes the skin and softens it. In addition, coconut oil and olive oil as additives are nourishing and protective. Their function is to prevent excessive drainage of water and protect against dry skin.

We do not produce these liquid soaps ourselves. Instead, we found a company that shares our views and acts following our beliefs. And this is how our cooperation began. Therefore also these
products are from natural ingredients, in harmony with each other and with nature.

These liquid soaps come in a big 500ml glass bottle.

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