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Our hydrosols, also known as hydrolats or floral water, are produced in the steam distillation of various flowers. Natural hydrosol is a “side effect” of the formation of essential oils. The product mainly consists of water-soluble plant particles and essential oil, with no chemicals additions. Floral water used directly on the skin restores its proper pH and can replace the tonic, and that is also what we recommend 🙂 They effectively remove impurities accumulated throughout the day. They perfectly moisturize, soothe irritations and provide relief to dry and tired skin, do not irritate. You can use them on the scalp, hair, and as body mists or eye compresses.

In Moolea, we offer five different hydrosols: aloe vera hydrosol, damascus rose hydrosol, lavender hydrosol, verbena hydrosol and neroli hydrosol:

  • Aloe vera hydrosol is suitable for all skin types. Demanding, dry, mature, problematic and vascular skin will feel better due to the high content of antioxidants
  • Damascus rose hydrosol  is lovely for delicate, sensitive, dry skin, and has a cleansing, regenerating and smoothing effect
  • Lavender hydrosol has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antioxidant, regenerating and tightening properties
  • Verbena hydrosol has relaxing and calming effects. Cleans, moisturizes, tones, refreshes and tightens pores, leaving the skin clean and moisturized
  • Neroli hydrosol is best for normal, oily, acne, sensitive and mature skin. It wonderfully refreshes and brightens the skin

And like with all our cosmetic products. All our hydrosols are in amber glass bottles, which you can easily recycle. And they come in two sizes, handy 30ml a bit bigger 100ml bottle.

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