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Get glowy with our floral facial steam. Floral steams are the best cosmetic to use in the at-home spa to boost skin circulation. They can help you to unclog pores, oxygenates the skin and calm nerves. It is a perfect first step before further steps in your skincare routine. After steaming your face, you can go on with skincare and use the face mask/face scrub.

In Moolea, we offer two different floral facial steam:

  • Rose facial steam‘s main base is calendula petals, rose petals and jasmine. Calendula petals are known for their anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. Rose petals can soothe skin irritation and balance out oily skin. Jasmine helps to tone and soothes skin. The key ingredient is the eucalyptus essential oil, which is  the best essential oil if you deal with acne or are congested.
  • Lavender facial steam‘s main base is calendula petals, lavender buds and cornflower petals. Calendula petals have anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. Lavender buds help with their inflammatory properties, and cornflower petals are a natural remedy for dark circles. The key ingredient is the lavender essential oil which is excellent for dry skin or eczema, and it has relaxing aromatherapy benefits.

We don’t only want to care for your face but also the environment. Therefore each facial steam is in a glass jar which you can easily recycle.
And you don’t have to worry about clogging your drains with flowers. We give you two organza bags in which you put flowers. After steaming your face, throw used flowers away and you can use organza bag again, it is reusable 🙂

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