Clay mask powder

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Clay mask powder is one of the oldest and effective body care cosmetics. The clay is composed of calcium, silicon, phosphate, magnesium and manganese compounds. Due to the high content of minerals, elements, and micro-and macroelements, treatment based on clays have a healing and soothing effect on our skin. In addition, clays also have a bactericidal effect and heal skin damage.

In Moolea, we have six different clay mask powder: blue clay, green clay, purple clay, yellow clay, white clay and pink clay.

  • Blue clay is perfect for sensitive and oily skin, prone to breakouts and acne problems
  • Green clay is recommended mainly for oily, acne, and mixed skin. Perfectly cleanses, closes pores, and helps to fight against imperfections
  • Purple clay is an excellent recommendation for any skin. It has intense cleansing, refreshing, brightening properties. It works very well with complexion damaged, tired, in need of refreshment and relaxation skin
  • White clay is very mild clay. It is recommended especially for the care of dry, sensitive, delicate skin, prone to irritation and tired and mature. Kaolin gently cleanses and nurtures, also has an anti-inflammatory effect. It will also work for combination, oily and acne-prone skin
  • Yellow clay has a cleansing effect, narrows the enlarged pores of the skin, refreshes and nourishes tired skin of the face and body
  • Pink clay is recommended mainly as a care ingredient for sensitive and vascular skin. Dry and mature skin, with a tendency to irritation and wrinkles skin will love it! It is also great for atopic skin and dermatological conditions
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