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  • aleppo 30% soap bar
  • avocado soap
  • back scrubber sponge
  • beetroot body scrub 250g
  • beetroot soap
  • black seed oil 100ml

    Black seed oil

    CHF 10.00CHF 23.00 Select options
  • Carrot seed oil

    CHF 9.00CHF 21.00 Select options
  • rectangle charcoal soap

    Charcoal soap

    CHF 10.00CHF 12.00 Select options
  • coffee soap
  • cottonseed oil

    Cottonseed oil

    CHF 6.00CHF 13.00 Select options
  • cucumber soap
  • energy massage oil

    Energy massage oil

    CHF 6.00CHF 13.00 Select options
  • Five soap pack

    CHF 51.00 Select options
  • second chance soap
  • Sale! Give me second chance soap pack
  • Goat milk set

    CHF 24.00 Read more
  • goat milk soap

    Goat milk soap

    CHF 10.00CHF 12.00 Select options
  • happiness massage oil

    Happiness massage oil

    CHF 7.00CHF 14.00 Select options
  • hemp washcloths
  • Sale! hemp washcloth with soap with soap dish
  • honey body scrub
  • honey soap
  • lavender body scrub 250g
  • Sale! lavender set

    Lavender set

    CHF 60.00 Add to cart
  • lavender soap
  • lemongrass soap
  • macadamia oil

    Macadamia oil

    CHF 5.00CHF 12.00 Select options
  • meditation massage oil

    Meditation massage oil

    CHF 6.00CHF 13.00 Select options
  • rectangle bastille soap

    Olive soap / Bastille soap

    CHF 10.00CHF 12.00 Select options
  • orange bath salt 250g
  • organic argan oil 100ml

    Organic Argan oil

    CHF 14.00CHF 33.00 Select options
  • organic jojoba oil

    Organic jojoba oil

    CHF 13.00CHF 32.00 Select options
  • pink himalayan salt soap
  • plum seed oil

    Plum seed oil

    CHF 14.00CHF 33.00 Select options
  • raspberry seed oil

    Raspberry seed oil

    CHF 13.00CHF 30.00 Select options
  • raspberry with banana soap
  • relaxation massage oil

    Relaxation massage oil

    CHF 6.00CHF 13.00 Select options
  • rose body scrub 250g
  • Rosehip seed oil

    CHF 14.00CHF 32.00 Select options
  • stress relief massage oil

    Stress relief massage oil

    CHF 6.00CHF 13.00 Select options
  • Sweet almond oil

    CHF 5.00CHF 11.00 Select options
  • turmeric soap
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