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Scrubbing the body may feel like an addiction, but it is a good addiction 😉
In Moolea, we make five different body scrubs: beetroot with raspberry body scrub, honey with blackcurrant body scrub, lavender body scrub, rose with carrot body scrub and strawberry body scrub.

All body scrubs perfectly exfoliate dead skin and stimulate circulation, which improve your skin firmness and elasticity. They are full of natural oils, like apricot kernel oil, jojoba oil, carrot seed oil, hemp oil and plum seed oil. The final touch is vitamin E which repairs damaged skin, nourishes hands and nails. With proper scrubbing and cleansing, you do not have to use body lotion after a shower.

  • Beetroot with raspberry body scrub is with raspberry seed oil and raspberry seed peeling. They both are here to help minimize the oxidation effect and to remove dead skin cells
  • Honey with blackcurrant body scrub is made with a great addition of honey to moisturize your skin
  • Lavender body scrub is called a salty lavender body scrub for its addition of Dead Sea Salt and plum seed oil. It reduces inflammation of your joints and soothes your skin conditions
  • Rose with carrot body scrub is an excellent combination of rosehip peeling and carrot seed oil. Both are equally important here. They remove the dead skin cells and contain powerful oxidants
  • Strawberry body scrub lets you feel summer all year long. Strawberry seed peeling acts as an exfoliator, while poppy seeds help you maintain a glowing skin complexion.

Shake well and mix before use 🙂 For this purpose, we always give you small wooden spoons.

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