Moolea team

Machermarkt, Zurich, 2021


Antonios is a very down to earth man when it comes to working. He does not begin a discussion if he does not see the numbers.

In Moolea, he is responsible for all admin work, especially for the financial part. Antonios was a CFO, so he makes sure all numbers run well 🙂
He loves to calculate, and if he can not see it in excel, it does not exist for him. Unless his two cats distract him, the numbers have to wait 😉
Antonios owns a big garden where he grows his own vegetables and fruits, so his journey with natural and good quality products started years ago.

Privately, he used to teach finance and knowledge management for adults and now he works in finance. He loves to cook using fresh ingredients from his garden and take care of his two lovely cats.


Moolea is her idea. She loves everything that revolves around oils and butter. She can talk about it for hours. She has a thousand ideas per minute and not enough time to implement everything 😉

In Moolea, she makes products and communicates with customers. Social media and packaging orders are her favourite things to do! She loves to pack every package in zero waste style so that the opening package is a simple pleasure when they reach their new owner.

Privately, she is a nursery teacher. She loves morning coffee and September cosy evenings.

Moolea is small manufacture founded by a couple – Agnieszka and Antonios – near Baden in the canton of Aargau.
Moolea was created out of Agnieszka’s soap obsession, Antonios’s love for numbers and discipline, and the feeling that nature knows what she is doing.

For us, Moolea is a piece of a world where we make the rules ourselves.

If we are not entirely satisfied with the product, we can invent and make changes. We can make mistakes and correct them to give you a product that we are delighted with.

We have the opportunity to work every day and develop at our own pace and create cooperation with fantastic people who share our views.

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