Welcome to the world of natural cosmetics that will restore balance to the skin, take care of your senses and, above all, are in harmony with nature. The secret lies in products based on natural ingredients: oils, butter and the richness of herbs. We draw a lot from nature, so we repay her by supporting the zero waste movement, and 98% of our products are vegan.

None of our products is tested on animals or ever will be. 98% of our products are vegan-friendly.
We use two types of packaging, paper and glass jars only, and we are not going to change it.

We use natural ingredients in our cosmetic recipes,  and all recipes were laboratory approved.


About us

Moolea is small manufacture founded by a couple – Agnieszka and Antonios – near Baden in the canton of Aargau.
Moolea was created out of Agnieszka’s soap obsession, Antonios’s love for numbers and his discipline, and the feeling that nature knows what she is doing.
For us, Moolea is a piece of a world where we make the rules ourselves. We both believe and trust in nature. We want to be in harmony with nature, abandon animal testing and chemicals harmful to the environment. Therefore we do not use any artificial chemicals or preservatives in our recipes.

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